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COVID-19 policy

In addition to the safety precations we employ, GUIX is a private, appointment-based experience, which reduces the chances of contracting COVID-19. Only you and your friends will be in the room.

All surfaces, controllers and game peices will be cleaned before and after each use. Staff are also required to wear masks the entire time.

Q: How are you handling COVID-19 and what precautions are you taking?

A: GUIX is a private experience and will continue to be. Only you and your friends will be allowed in the room.
We sanitize using the CDC suggested methods before and after each experience. We also have a private restroom during your experience.

Q: Do you have hand sanitizer?

A: Yes, hand sanitizer is set up in our Lobby as well as in the GUIX room itself.
Bathrooms also contain the necessary cleaning productss so you can scrub away and feel safe and clean!